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Re: Best way to deal with ex-wife's med bills
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Most of the bills are hospital bills from within the last 1-2 years.  There is one bill that is almost 6 years old, but this one is only $48.
There has been a new wrinkle since yesterday.  I received a letter saying that since I have ignored the calls from the CA, they are giving me 7 days to PIF or they are going to pursue litigation.  I know this is the kind of thing you here often from CA's, but I think they are for real with this threat. 
Now, whenever anyone talks about the HIPAA process, all you ever hear is "don't talk with the CA".  However, it is starting to look like talking with the CA and making arrangments will be the only way to avoid a lawsuit.  The total of all accounts is almost $4,000--only about $400 of that is from me and/or my daughter--the rest is my ex-wife.  I would love to pay them if I could afford it--they are killing my scores and, since they are med bills, I could actually have them deleted from my reports once paid.
Is there a chance that the hospital(s) would pull it out of collections if I talk to them and set up payment arrangements directly with them?  I can not afford to pay the bill.  In fact, I am already being sued by NCO for a CC CO they purchased and I haven't even figured out what I am going to do about that--my court date is in 2 weeks for that one.
Bankruptcy is starting to look better and better.  However, other than the med bills, all of my baddies will be reaching SOL in the next 1-2 years and will also all reach CRTP within 3 years.  I'd LOVE to find a way to survive the next year or two rather than have a BK blemish for 7 years.

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