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Applying for CCs in this economy?
OK so here I am, my scores are finally decent enough (I hope) to apply for a goal is to get my scores above 700 (a year and a half ago they were in the high 500's/low 600's).  Now Tu 675, Ex 695 and Eq 745.  I have a car loan now for three months, paid on time SCRUPULOUSLY....I am working on getting two old (2002) and paid medical collections deleted using the Hippa process. Now I think I need to apply for a CC or a store card to help  my score.  What do you think?  Which is easier to get and which will help my score more?  I hate to apply for something now and get a hard pull on my report and not be approved!  Do you think I should wait a couple of months until everything in the banks and wall street settles down?  Just go for a store card?  Any advice is much appreciated!!