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Re: Corporation's judgement on Officer's account?

203bravo wrote:

It may have some impact depending of if this was your dad's company or if he was simply an employee.  Also, how the suit was filed will be important - if it was your dad's company and not a LLC or INC then your dad would most likely automatically be heald liable.


If your dad was an employee - was he personally named as a defendant, if he was then he is liable, but there there should be a seperate verdict and judgement just for his part.

Thanks, bravo, for the response.


He is not just an employee of the corporation, he and my mother own it.  It is a California Corporation.  The defendant listed on the court paperwork was "Company Name/Dad's Name" in the same line.  It is on the business credit report as well as the company credit report.  So it sounds like there is nothing he can do???