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Alternate plan re judgment against corp/dad

OK, I posted about this problem before hoping that it could be solved easily, but I guess that won't work.  Now I will air the family laundry and write the more detailed (and embarrassing! Smiley Wink) story in hopes there is another way to get this judgment off my dad's credit report.  This may be a little long - but I would appreciate any help you can offer!


OK, first things first - my father and my brother have the same name.  My father is president of a corporation, my brother works for him.  My brother is known to do some pretty shady things but for some reason my refuses to see it or act on it.  That part of the story would be better suited for the Dr. Phil message boards, though!  Smiley Wink


My brother bought a $2500 product from an individual and had it shipped to his business address.  The product was for him, not for the company - no purchase order was issued.  


He did not pay for the product, and since the product was shipped to the company- she sued the company.  She also added his name as a co-defendant, but since my bro and dad have same name, it is on my dad's credit report as well.


The company and my father would have contested this, but when the court papers came to their office, my brother intercepted them, blew off the court date - thus allowing judgment against the company and my father.


Once it appeared on the business credit report, the company paid the bill just to have it removed (they were in the middle of a loan app).


Is there any way that this could be deleted from my dad's credit report???  Or is it just too late once judgment has already been entered?


If you've read to the end.... thanks!