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I am in the process of trying to fix my credit. I need to fix it fast and time is moving by so slow. I got a secured credit card about 2 months ago and have made payments so far. I also paid off 2 credit cards that I had had a long time ago and also cell phone sevice with cingular. The cingular thing was bs charge. I go service with them and then the next day cancelled. They kept billing me and then I went up there to talk with them they were suppose to forget about it. Oh well thats paid. I do have a couple small other things. I need to get my score up quick. I need to get myself a new vehicle because my current one is on its way out. I make good money that I can have a really nice car. But another problem of mine is that I can not save money to save my life. So I need to be able to get a vehicle with good enough credit to not have to put a down payment. Any suggestions or can someone tell me what words to search so that way I am not another person asking something that has been asked to death already. Thanks for the help