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Re: Confused by merged CR

ByrdMan wrote:
This is a tri-merged report and is indeed true FICO. It can be hard to wade through, but each TL lists which repository it comes from. You can go thru it and break everything down and put into a spreadsheet to separate everything out, if cleaning your CRs.

Thank you!  I hadn't realized it lists the repository on each TL!  I will definitely pick through it & put it into the fabulous spreadsheet that GFer made (yeah, the one I've been totally overwhelmed and avoiding for a couple of months now) but I will just start with this report, since it's the most recent.


Does that mean this report can be considered as reliable as the reports I'd pull directly from the CRAs?


The good news is, I'm looking at TRUE FICOs!!!  Smiley Happy

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