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State Resources
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This information is provided as a guide to help you. This is not provided as facts and the information below is subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to check the information provided to make sure it is valid and applies to you and/or your situation. This information is being supplied as a courtesy to you. This is NOT legal advice.


While the information below mainly concentrates on state-wide issues and laws, your own local city or county may have other laws. Check those as well. In regards to licensing, the information below concentrates on professional licenses/bonds required by the state. Many states and localities also require a regular business license, check with the appropriate offices.


The Attorney General's office and Secretary of State is two of the best resources you can have. They are your elected officials, put them to work for you. Have a question you can't find an answer to that is specific to your state? Go to them and their websites. Their websites normally provide a wealth of information. Also, check your state case law for situations similar to yours. A previous ruling may have changed something. One thing I didn't know until recently was that in Missouri, the SOL on an automobile debt falls under the UCC SOL.


Before reading the following you must understand that this is not intended as "credit repair" advice or as a way to get accurate information removed from your credit report. This information is provided so that as a consumer you understand your rights under FDCPA, FCRA, and any other consumer protection laws that are relevant. Per our Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines, we do not/are not recommending you to take any credit repair-related action for the sole purposes of removing/manipulating accurate credit data from your reports in order to manipulate your report or score.


The work that follows was not completely done by myself. This was a joint effort between llecs and myself.


If you find a link is out of date and needs updating, please PM either llecs or myself. If you know particular resources for your state that you feel should be added, please send those suggestions to llecs or myself as well.
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