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Re: State Resources

Alabama -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

You can search corporation records, UCC records, etc. Click on the appropriate section on the left hand side.

State Code

Title 6 deals with SOL and judgments. Title 8 deals with bad checks, and title 45 has some information that may be relevant.

Licensing Information-

Alabama requires a "privilege license"; From the Dept of Revenue -

A privilege license is a license requirement of every person, firm, company or corporation engaged in any business, vocation, occupation or profession described in Title 40, Chapter 12, Code of Alabama 1975.

The State and County license(s) is issued by the county Probate Judge or License Commissioner in the county where the business is located. Unless otherwise provided, a license is required in every county where the business is conducted.

** In addition a city or local license may be required. Contact the proper place to determine if such is required.**




Attorney General

State Statutes

SOL and judgment information can be found under Title 9

Collection Agency Licensing Information

Alaska licensure is not required for a foreign (out of state) collection agency that does not collect on behalf of creditors based in the State of Alaska nor is soliciting collection agency work from Alaska clients, but is only seeking to make collections from debtors within the State of Alaska. 

When searching for licenses, type "COA" in the "Board" text box.

In addition the professional license listed above, a business license is required as well. 

The Division of Occupational Licensing provides a search engine to check for business licenses.

Collections agencies are under "56- Administrative, Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services"



Attorney General

State Statutes

Title 12, Chapter 5 for SOL.  Title 12, Chapter 9 for judgments.  Title 32, Chapter 9 for Collection Agencies.

Arizona Department of Financial Institutions

Check to see if a CA is licensed


Arkansas -      

Attorney General

Secretary of State

State Statutes

Title 16, Chapter 56 deals with SOL and judgments. Title 17, Subtitle 2, Chapter 24 deals with collection agencies.

Arkansas State Board of Collection Agencies



Attorney General

Secretary of State

California Code of Civil Procedure

Part 2 deals with SOL. Information regarding judgments and the different events that go along with judgments can be found in a few different places throughout the code.

California Civil Code

Contains valuable information. I recommend reading it thoroughly.

To the best of my knowledge, no license or bond required.


Colorado -

Attorney General

Collection agencies and debt collection from the AG's office.

Secretary of State

State Statutes

Title 5 may provide helpful information. Title 12, Article 14 covers the "Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" and this is where you will find information regarding CA. Title 12, Article 14.3 is the "Colorado Consumer Credit Reporting Act". Title 13, deals with SOL and judgments. 

Collection Agency Board  

Office of Economic Development and International Trade(information regarding CA)

I have not found a way to check a CA's license/bond status online.



Connecticut -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

State Statutes

Volume 13, Title 52, Chapter 926 deals with statute of limitations. You can find information regarding judgments under Title 52 as well.

Department of Banking - Regulates licensing of CA- click here to check licensing.


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