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Re: State Resources
Nebraska -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

Main Collection Agency page

State Statutes

                Chapter 25 deals with SOL and judgment information.

Nebraska conveniently placed all statutes applicable to collection agencies and licensing in one PDF. This section is called the Collection Agency Act. Sect. 45-622 states that no collection agency may practice law.  


Licensing Information -

Clicking on this PDF will automatically update with the most recent information

All licenses expire on December 31 of each year and must be annually renewed by December 1.

Sect. 45-602 defines a collection agency as one who attempts to collect on behalf of Nebraska clients or who are located within Nebraska.


Nevada -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

Division of Financial Institutions

State Statutes

Title 2 and Title 3 deals with SOL and judgments.  See Title 54, Chapter 649 for information regarding collection agencies.

State Regulations (administrative) -

Note that within the Regulations a collection agency that violates the FDCPA can be subject to licensure revocation or suspension.

Licensing Information -

Domestic (in-state) Collection Agencies


Foreign (out-of-state) Collection Agencies

All collection agencies must report to the state. Domestic (in-state) collection agencies must be licensed whereas foreign (out-of-state) collection agencies have to be licensed, but the laws generally apply equally.


New Hampshire -

Secretary of State

Department of Justice

This page allows you to search complaints on businesses in New Hampshire, collection agencies included.

New Hampshire statutes

Title LII deals with SOL. Title LIII provides information on judgments. Title XXXI, chapter 358 provides useful information regarding collection agencies practices and other information.

Licensing Information -

Found no information or requirement that collection agencies have to be licensed. However you can see corporate registrations.


New Jersey -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

Division of Revenue

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

New Jersey statutes

Title 45, Chapter 18 deals with collection agencies. You can also find it by using the search term "collection agency" in the included search box. It makes mention that collection agencies must be bonded if they collect within New Jersey or are based in New Jersey.

               Title 2A for SOL and judgment information.

Licensing Information -

Collection agencies must be bonded through the Division of Revenue. Unfortunately, you can't check status online but this link gives an address you can write to and the info is free. However, you can access information via State Based Systems.

The second link will allow you to check licensing on collection agencies via a different state agency. SBS is contracted via New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance. You can also lookup licensing for DC, DE, FL, IA, NC, NH, and RI.


New Mexico -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department

New Mexico statutes

Click on Statutes on lower left, then click on the folder that says "statutory chapters in New Mexico statutes"

See Chapter 37 for SOL, Chapter 39 for judgments, and Chapter 61, Article 18 and 18A for collection agency information.

New Mexico State Rules -  which quoted from the page are "Simply put, rules are a special category of law written by state agencies to support, clarify, or implement specific laws enacted by the legislature called statutes. State rules can include building codes, air quality standards, tax codes, public assistance regulations, and public health regulations, to name but a few. They are subordinate to statutes and must work within the framework established by statute."

                The Collection Agency Regulatory Act covers collection agency licensing in Title 12, Chapter 24.  

Licensing Information -

All collection agencies who wish to collect in New Mexico must be licensed. When searching, search by "Facility" name. For the "Profession" field, choose "Financial Institutions". For the "License type", choose "Collection Agency".


New York -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

New York Statutes

There is a section within the statutes subtitled "Debt Collection Procedures". Click on the "Laws of New York". Click on "GBS - General Business". Then click on "Article 29-H". Information on there mirrors the FDCPA. "Article-HH" deals with identity theft. Under "GBS-General Business", Article 25, you can find the New York FCRA.  Click on "CVP- Civil Practice Laws and Rules" to find information regarding SOL and judgments.  "DCD- Debtor & Creditor" section may be useful.  

Licensing Information -

There are no licensing requirements for New York State, but licensing is left to each locality. Here's the top three based on population.


New York City -

Collection Agencies must be licensed through the Department of Consumer Affairs. Click "click here" within this link for licensing information.


Albany -

Licensing is not required for collection agencies.


Buffalo -

Licensing is required for collection agencies both foreign and domestic. The City Code is found here. There is no online link for a license database, but contact information to have the City of Buffalo search is found here.


North Carolina -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

North Carolina Department of Insurance

North Carolina's statutes

Chapter 1 deals with SOL and judgments, see Chapter 58, Article 70 for information regarding collection agencies.

Licensing Info

All collection agencies, foreign and domestic, must be licensed. The above website comes from a company called SBS or State Based Systems contracted by North Carolina to provide licensing information. This company also provides information for DC, DE, FL, IA, NH, NJ, and RI.


North Dakota -

Attorney General

Secretary of State

Department of Financial Institutions Consumer Division

North Dakota Century Code

                Chapter 28 for SOL and judgments, Chapter 13 for collection agencies.


Licensing Information

You can click on the link and search by a specific collection agency or you can change the "Business Type" to "Collection Agencies" and then search and you'll find a list of all collection agencies licensed. Licensing is required for all collection agencies, foreign and domestic. Section 13-05-02 sets that requirement.
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