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Re: Will paying off Conn's lower my score?
I have an account with Conn's.  I asked at the time of getting the account if they report to the CRA's.
I was told that they didn't unless you defaulted. I have not seen them go onto any of my reports. I thought this was funny at the time because one of their biggest selling points to my husband and I was that this account would help our credit.
I have been repaying them at higher than the expected payments because we get 12 months free interest and was told by the rep on the phone that I was not helping my credit by paying my account off ahead of time.  When I asked how this would hurt my credit when they dont report to the CRA's unless you default, she wasn't sure what to say and told me she we talk to a supervisor and call me back.  I waited by the phone (haha) and never got a call back.