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Re: Will paying off Conn's lower my score?
I have a paid off Conn's account (all three CRA's)  which was not really paid off but closed due to a new account being created when we had to get a new fridge. But it is showing up as closed/paid/no baddies.
Then I have the new account which was opened when I bought a fridge and they just rolled the balance from the old account into the new. Also reporting on all three CRA's.
They report every month. I have never been late and pay 100 instead of 66 per month but even with the extra payments my balance still does not move. I want it paid so I can free up that monthly cost.
I am worried however, that my scores will be affected when this account closed due to a zero balance.
I have a new citifinancial personal unsecured loand that is about to start reporting so with the new account ready to start reporting and the Conn's potentially closing I don't know WHAT will become of my current scores. (which are already a pathetic 577 EQ and low 600's for the other two.