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Re: How I started over from a 500

vegassatellite wrote:
My condo got foreclosed after I couldn't rent it out (tenant blew his brains out in master bedroom and neighbors were loudmouths about it).
Under advice, I opened a credit line at Badcock's, a furniture store.
Congrats on all you have acheived!  Hard work and patience really do pay off.
Sorry to hear about what happened in your condo.  How stupid can people be to let that stop them from buying?  And worse are the neighbors.  My house is 108 years old and I'm sure a number of people have died in my bedroom.  That's just a part of life.  At least there are no ghosts.  Smiley Surprised
Great job with getting the installment loan, but could they come up with a worse name?!
Keep up the good work.  It's only up from here! Smiley Happy
Bartender, bring another round of FICOtinis please!

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