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Re: I need help badly!!!!!

If you have contacted both the OC and CA and no one can provide you with proof of the debt, I would either file complaints with the BBB, your AG, and their AG as suggested and if nothing happens, send ITS letter and follow through.


Or, just send the ITS letter and if they don't provide proof of debt or remove, file suit.


Other than that.....filing ID theft affidavits is your only other option.


Thing is, your ID might not have actually been stolen, it could be the CA. Is it the same CA for both complexes?


I bet if you get the AG and BBB on them that you might actually get something done. Thing is, it was like 45 days or so before my AG ever sent me a follow up asking for more information regarding the complaint and hadn't even contacted the CA yet. So, if you are in a hurry, this may not be the route you want.


AZ requires CAs to be licensed and/or bonded, have you checked to see if they are?


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