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    I am new here and have a huge dilema and I was hoping someone would have advise. I was asked to go back to work by my husband after I had our second child who is now 1 and my first is 2. This was after we borrowed 14,000 from my parents. I work 6 days a week at least 10 hours a day not to mention driving to pick up or drop off my stepson to school 3-4 days a week 45 minutes away from our home. This limits my time to work on certain days. We own our own business so my husband is tied down to the shop all day but to pick up the 2 and 1 year olds from the babysitter. I only make enough money to pay the babysitter 290 a week (for both for 5 days). Our mortgage is behind again and I am working as much as I possibly can. I dont know what to do. The shop is prosperous and making money, but it seems like there are too many bills. The problem is there really isn't. My marriage is in jeopardy and I am consistantly looking behind my back for something else to slap me in the face.
   The house is the only thing on my credit that is reflecting badly at this point and i can't even get a loan to pay it up and pay off my parents. I paid off all of the negetively reporting factors in Nov of last year but my score has not improved because of the mortgage. I dont know what to do im soo stuck in this spiralling downward spiral. I really dont want to lose the house. What can I do to help this situation? I have no one I can turn to for help anymore and I dont have the heart to tell my parents.
Please help!