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Re: Silly Question
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chrislo wrote:
I'm sorry this my be a silly question but how can I tell when something is due to fall off?  So if you have the followin lates Jan 2004 - Mar 2004 (30, 60,90) Do all lates fall off in Jan 2011 or just the one of the lates?
I have a number of older lates (varying by company from 2001 - 2004) and would like to send out some GW letters but don't know if its worth it for the really old ones.

On an open account the late payments will drop the month AFTER the 7th year. Jan 2004 will be gone Feb 11..................unless the account is CO    Anything in 2001 will drop this year.
Trying to figure out the credit thingy...there is no such thing as a silly question!!!!!

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