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You really need to have a talk with your husband and evaluate the business.
If the business is prosperous and you are just getting hit with a bunch of bills at once then that is a simple cash flow problem. If that is the case you need to get a business loan. It is also possible that you could ask your parents for money again.
If the business constantly has bills like this and it is always hard to get ahead and take any of the revenue from the business home then you have a business model problem and you two need to think of ways to make your business more profitable or to cut your losses.
Other questions to ask (though not the easiest options):
1) Could you sell the business (and for how much)?
2) Are you and your husband skilled and otherwise employable if you sold your business?
3) Do your parents live close and could they babysit the children and thus save 290 per week?
4) The option of last resort is to ask, are you in too much house? Could you move to save money?