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GW Response Question
Hi Everyone,
A few months ago, I decided to really attack my credit reports, and started sending out GW letters.  I've taken the advice I've gotten on these forums to heart and haven't given up, and keep sending new letters when I get a response that I don't like.
In any case, I got a response today from BoA for an account that was charged off at around this time last year, but which I paid with a settlement offer (before I understood how to bargain with a PFD, but that's neither here nor there).  The response is:
We report to the three major credit reporting agencies, and your report should read "Account Legally Paid in full for less than full Balance".
Please consider this our final response in this matter.  If you feel that your credit bureau report is reporting incorrectly you would have to submit a dispute form to your local credit-reporting agency.
So, I'm a bit disheartened.  Are they really done responding to me?  Should I continue to send letters until they get sick of me?  Can I get in any kind of trouble for doing so?
Any advice, or at least a pep-talk, would be greatly appreciated...
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Re: GW Response Question
You can send as many GW as you will like...they are basically saying they aren't going to respond to anymore of them...they don't have to many have sent to them??....if I had gotten that response...I will stop sending letters...some people would say to keep GWing...but some company are not going to budge for the 1st or the 100th GW...BEST WISHES.....
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Re: GW Response Question
In my experience, B of A is a tough cookie.  I went around and around with them and they wouldn't budge.  My CCCS ended up intervening and granted me my gw's (actually short payment by CCCS).
I don't see any harm in continuing your gw crusade.
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Re: GW Response Question
Just keep sending one each month, i have so far been denied twice by Drive Financial, they  know they could help someone out but they choose not to. Just pray and hope that they finally receive it!
Also you may want to change your letters a lil bit!

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