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Re: Getting an OC off my CR when a CA is reporting as well??

iltph wrote:

RobertEG wrote:
You wont, for legitimate reasons. All of the basic account data upon which any CA can base their collection activity is pegged to account data furnished by the OC, and most particulary the FCRA Compliance Date/DOFD. A charge off by an OC is a part of legimate reflection of account history. You cant get prior OC reporting deleted unless it is inaccurate. CA reporting is a piggy-back on prior OC reporting. It wont happen.

So would it not be worth it to settle with a CA for PFD then since only one would be removed? For example, I have a $4,000 CO. If I settled for $1,000 and the CA deleted it, would it not really make a difference (at least worth paying $1,000) since the OC would still report it? It isn't due to fall off until 2012 and is my only baddie in the past 6 years.

IMO, if you can PFD a collection, it is always worth it.


Both accounts are negatively affecting your report, however the collection provides absolutely nothing positive to your report.


The OC TL is adding to your age and is helping you in some areas, likely.


IMO, a collection account is worse than a negative TL by the OC.



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