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Re: CU sent a response to my GW letter

RLL1171 wrote:


Look and see when you first went delinquent on your CR. The month of the first delinquency is the date that starts the 7 years. Only paid account that were totally in good standing stay on your report for 10 years.


If the month of your first delinquency was 1/2002 then you paid it off in 6/2006, then it should fall off 1/2009 not 6/2016 . Hope that makes sense. It may also take up to 30 days once the expiration date comes for it to actually fall off.

The lates themselves remain for only 7 years. If all the lates have came off before it is time for the account to fall off, then the account can turn to a positive account remaining another 3 years.



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