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Re: Getting an OC off my CR when a CA is reporting as well??

Swtrandi wrote:

So say I PFD the CA. Then can I get the CA to delete the tradeline? If so, how do I go about doing that?? Thanks in advance!




A PFD is a Pay For Delete......where you negotiate with the CA to pay the debt if they delete.


Once you get the agreement in writing from the CA and then fulfill your end, then they have to delete their entry.


If you are asking about doing a PFD with the CA and how to get the entry from the OC to delete....this is two separate things.


If the CA owns the account and you get a PFD, all you can do is GW the OC.


If the CA don't own the account, you can try to negotiate a PFD that includes the CA and OC deleting once you PIF.


However, I really don't know your chances of this happening is.


Remember, the OC account counts for age and can have positive effects on your score, even when it is a negative account. I had a 5 yr old CO removed and lost around 30 points, it was my next to oldest account.

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