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How many times should I keep PFD'ing?

I have been working on 2 credit agencies that I am trying to do a PFD  I want to get it over with and out of the way but I am wondering if I should just keep sending them and see what happens. 


The first one is to Credit Control Corporation.  I had a account that got turned over to them from Sudden link cable.  It was turned over to Credit Control in October 2008.  I have tried calling Sudden link to see if I can do a PFD  with them but they of course said no ... and that I would have to deal with the CA now.  I have sent a validation  letter as well as a pfd letter to the CA and all I got back was a validation letter


The second one is with NCO.  I am trying to get a nationwide account PFD with them though I have heard that they are the most difficult of collection agencies to deal with.  I sent them a validation letter and I am just waiting .. it has not been 30 days more like 2 weeks. 


I guess I am just impatient


This is the new year and Im yearning for a change with my credit.