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Re: Possible ID Theft!!!
You know, no guarantees, but:

About 3 months ago, I pulled our CRs and found a listing from our CU stating that they had closed our checking for overdrafts. It had turned out that we went over our checking and didn't realize it (apparently, a check that I had deposited from a client bounced and I had forgotten to check it since they've always been good about payment in the past). Within a week, they just took the OD out of our "linked" shares account and it was paid off BUT it still reported to the CRAs as a CO.

So, REALLY concerned, I called them and spoke to someone in the collections office (figuring that was the best person to talk to) and not only did she remove the tradeline entirely, she also checked ChexxSystems for me to see if there was anything else on there I should know about.

(I'm HOPING that wasn't a no-no -- she's an awesomely nice lady and the last thing I want is to get her in ANY trouble)

Do you belong to a credit union? If so, perhaps they could do that for you, too. That way, you wouldn't have to wait for an answer.

*crossing fingers*
I hope it turns out to be something easily fixed!! Good luck!!


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