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Re: Tax Lien Release, but Still Being Reported
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ctrob wrote:

HappyDays wrote:
nope  he owed $25,000 for 5 years....they deleted (NOT the CRA) the IRS deleted it!

Yes, please elaborate...  It sounds as if it is no longer on your sons Credit that correct?
Does he not owe it now?
Property was liened and then the lien released?  
And then the lien was deleted from court records - by the IRS??
What is it that prompted the IRS to do such a nice thing?  Smiley Very Happy
My apoligies for all the questions, but am really interested in any possible ways to do the same thing.  I have talked to the IRS several times aobut my $10,000 lien and always ran into roadblocks. 
Mine is now paid but not released at the courthouse.   It was filed four years ago.  I am planning on just leaving it as is, I don't want to start the 7 year clock ticking again after getting the release recorde.  I  have shown a copy of the release to any potential lenders and they were fine with that. 


He owed IRS $25,000 in 2000   IRS lien on CR.2003.....home is in wife's name only.... He has filed joint for 5 years. nothing additional owed since.
They were going to attached his wages....he asked if he paid $7,000 and made payment arrangment to have it deleted they said yes!  It was deleted from CR 2 days after receipt of &7,000...It was deleted before he even made payment arrangments. this was 4 months ago....he did PIF the rest about 2 weeks ago.
He spok to 1 person & said that he would have $7,000 on XX/XX/2007. He called back the day that he was ready to mail  & got someone else that said that he would not abide by what 1st person said. He asked to speak to superviser & was refused. He called back & got 3rd person.....she made all corrections...he received voice mail & when he returned call it was a superviser....she did not know that he had spoken to another person that fixed everything......super also told him that all calles were recorded & the nasty person would never take another phone call again!...she told him it would be deleted as he was told by person #1 and #3.

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