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I paid a Judgment..Should I be worried?
After paying my Judgment a little over a month and a half ago with LVNV, I finally received my Release of Judgment Lien letter, signed and notorized by attorney, etc... I call TU and faxed a copy of it and she updated it pretty quick as PAID. (Now I hope I can finally qualify for a mortgage which is the reason I paid this off)..When I returned filing the Judgment with the COurthouse, I checked my mail and guess what, I recieved a letter from LVNV about my old Sears account and how the are collecting from it and it's been validated etc, This account has an DOFD of 09/01 for both EQ & EX. TU has is for 07/02. How can the DOFD be differeent? Is that right?
Well now that I just paid a 3,200 judgment im kinda worried that they will pull a fast one on me and threaten to sue. I have 4 more accounts with LVNV and all of them should fall of around 09/10-08 of this year.
My SOL inTexas is 4 years. Can they serve me again and put another Judgment on my Credit reports?
Please help.
As of 3/17/08 - TU 619 / EQ 666 / Ex 624
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