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Re: not bad for my first 3 weeks
when I asked about it on the mortgage site they told me since I had already been more than 4 months late that it would be counted as a foreclosure anyways.  So I just told the company I am divorced I have no way to pay you and please do not contact me again.
I know it will hurt my score but I reall have no options right now. I am barely able to put 100  a month towards repairing the other debts on my report.. I certainly did not have the 3000 to get them to bring it current and I also did not have 300 a month to give them if It was caught up. I told them I understand this is my debt and I would be willing to make small payments to the loan but they were jerks about it. They do all of the financing in house so I really don't know what else to do with it besides leave it there.