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Re: not bad for my first 3 weeks
I am really kicking myself in the butt right about now, when i first found myfico i only signed up for SW, I wish i bought all 3 scores so i cna compare from now to when i joined at the end of march. at that time EQ was 612, as of may 7th it was 636, not much progress their, i pulled my other 2 when i got the 75% dicount on the suze orman kit, EX is 668 and TU was 664, then today after i updated TC to see if TU had FINALLY deleted an account aht i disputed twice, after the CA promised to have deleted(I HATE TU), well after updating that i saw that that one CA wasnt their anymore, so i decided to use my last score pull for the suze orman kit and TU went from 664 to 682, 18points work for me, what sucks is that my target by dec 2008 was to hit 675 at least, well TU has now passed that, I have a ways to go for EQ and EX well i am just waiting for my last and finally CA to validate, if not then I hope to god for a good 50-80 point jump, then I can be proud of my self, after that only thing left to work on is lowering my CC balances. I have 2 credits that wont GW, but one falls off in dec 09 and the other not till 2010, but that OC filed BK so after they are complete out of business, i think i will dispute to get the late off(30 days late 3 or 4 years ago), when the OC doesnt validate cause they'll be out of business i am hoping for the late to be deleted, after that it's just a time waiting game for my accounts to age.
I know this is long, but thank for all support from all
FICO2/10=EQ= 564

FICO2/10=6012/10-FACO TU 578;3/10=643