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Re: GW group!
OK, I'll update:

llecs wrote:

CapOne - unchanged
Verizon Wireless - accepted a PFD. Pd already. They confirmed that they will delete in 72 hrs.
Americredit - unchanged
AFNI - deleted
My scores have gone up about 30-60 points in past month and excludes VZW (to date).
No change at all Smiley Sad   But her scores did go up around 30-40 pts each in July.




CapOne - They have WON the war!!! I give up, but for a reason. The lates (30 and 90, which are two months apart) were/are at 7 yrs old. This is one of my oldest TLs so I decided last fall not to GW them anymore out of fear they would delete. However, on January 1, my 30 day late was remeoved 3 months early off of EQ. I pulled my EX report in February and noticed that it came off 2 months early. On February 28, I pulled EQ FICO and saw that the 90 was still reporting. Since the 90 is two months after the thirty, I was hoping that would be removed too. Sure enough. On March 1, my 90 fell off 3 months early as well. I pulled EQ FICO again and the score dropped 17 points due to being rebucketed (last late). I anticipate the 90 to come off EX on April 1. They weren't reporting on TU.


Verizon Wireless - off in August.


Americredit - sent 3 GWs to remove lates and repo reference in December. No luck. Sent 4 in February. Diud receive a letter saying to call and that CSR said "No". I'll never give up on them.


AFNI - deleted as mentioned.



Still fighting a pd CapOne CO and a med CA. Took no action on these since summer. Nothing else is reporting I don't think.