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Re: Has anyone ever known Midland accepting a PFD?

i have disputed these several times & they keep on coming back as verified from the CRA...i have sent letters to Cap 1 & Midland before, but they have only responded back once.....and Midland just comes back with a settlement offer....cap.1 sent me a letter saying that it was verified.  The CRAs are the ones telling me they are verified.


EQ report i received in the mail from them says (letter is from this month):

midland - DOLA 7/2003.  Does not have anything else.  Does not show a removal date.

capital 1 - DOLA 10/2003.  Last payment date:  08/2004.  Does not show a removal date.



TU report i received in the mail from them says (letter is from 09/08:

midland -  No Dates, except that it shows it was placed for collection in 2005.  Est date for removal - 6/2010

capital 1 -  Date opened - 8/02.  Closed - 4/04.  Est date for removal - 8/2010


should i hold off and wait a year....then these things will have dropped off.


i never sent the DVs CMRRR before....should i do that now to them? That means certified, they sign for it & i get the green card right?


i have read that i need to do that...but then it seems that you give them 30 days, they don't get back to you, then you have to send it again to them just to be safe....seems like they get more then 30 days to respond over all.


should my next step be to DV these companies directly with CMRRR & wait 30 days?


it looks like I am beyond SOL right?


thanks again for all the help!