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Re: Has anyone ever known Midland accepting a PFD?

When you fax the letter specify that the CRA aren't reporting an account with CitiBank. The CA is reporting to the CR and stating the original creditor is CitiBank.


If this doesn't work, do as I did. I had Midland reporting for a Southwestern Bell account I didn't have. When I was fed up with Midland, I filed a complaint against Southwestern Bell stating that Midland was reporting them as the OC and told everything Midland had done and that I never had an account with SB. I then stated that what Midland did reflected upon them as Midland was representing them. I got a email and a call within a week and it wasn't but a week or so longer until Midland was gone. SB actually had an account in my name, but I did not open it, lived 150+ miles from the service address.


CeRTifiEDNuT wrote:
Thanks sidewinder! I called back and was helped a little more than the first rep. I gave them my ss number and they didn't find anything with that either. So he gave me the fax number to fax a letter stating the problem and the credit bureau agencies that are reporting. Wish me luck!


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