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Re: Has anyone ever known Midland accepting a PFD?

thanks sidewinder!


"Are you going to apply for anything in the next year? Like a house? Even if not, I would not let Midland ride out. Cap One, maybe.  "

 what do you mean by this?  Why not Midland...but Cap 1 maybe?  Midland shows a DOLA of 7/03...they look like they will come off at the same time.


"Depends if CA tolls SOL or not. See the state resources link below for California statutes."

what does that mean....toll?  From what I can tell, Cal SOL is 4 years


So you suggest sending a DV to Midland then....and hold them to TX law?  They have 30 days from the date they receive it right?  Send them a DV from here?

What letter could I send to Capital 1?


I really believe the Midland account is not mine.....I paid all my debts in 2002.  They have also added about $1300 bucks worth of charges.  I am willing to PFD if i knew they would do that....and i am tempted to settle just so i can call it a day & show that it's paid.