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Re: Has anyone ever known Midland accepting a PFD?

thanks sidewinder - 1 & midland are for 2 different accounts.

midland is collecting for a citi account.


from what i have read.....midland will not PFD...what would be the point of paying them?

should i still DV them with a certified letter & try to get it off that way first?  See if they do not respond?  The CRA have told me that this account was verified several times, but i have only heard once from midland themselves except that they were requesting my help in correcting this account & if i had any records to send them over.

should i settle with midland and call it a day?  you really think it would help that much if i were to apply for a credit card...that it shows it's paid?  PFD would be ideal...but there is a chance that if i pay, they would not verify once it was paid right?

i received a letter from them last month asking if i wanted to settle (very nice letter Smiley Happy offered full payment or payments.


i have been in TX for over 6 not plan of moving back to they can't sue me here in TX, but if i were to move back to Cal, there is a chance that i could still be within SOL.....i did not know this...thanks for the info!!  Either way.....the account would still come off of my reports right?  


Capital 1 is another account that would have been paid off (problem is that this happened in 2002, someone else paid it off for i have no records,  but in 2002 i had all my CC taken care of so it would not make sense to not pay this one off too)


thanks so much for the help!!

these last 2 accounts seem to really be holding me back from getting credit and i really want to start building it back up and get some cards with some good lines!