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Re: Has anyone ever known Midland accepting a PFD?

molly73 wrote:

thanks sidewinder - 1 & midland are for 2 different accounts.

midland is collecting for a citi account.


from what i have read.....midland will not PFD...what would be the point of paying them?

should i still DV them with a certified letter & try to get it off that way first?  See if they do not respond?  The CRA have told me that this account was verified several times, but i have only heard once from midland themselves except that they were requesting my help in correcting this account & if i had any records to send them over.

should i settle with midland and call it a day?  you really think it would help that much if i were to apply for a credit card...that it shows it's paid?  PFD would be ideal...but there is a chance that if i pay, they would not verify once it was paid right?


i received a letter from them last month asking if i wanted to settle (very nice letter Smiley Happy offered full payment or payments.


I hate to say this, but I think Midland is the type of CA that would verify an account on Mickey Mouse, paid or unpaid. Midland is hard to work with, so should be dealt with hard, IMO.


You say this is for a Citi account....did you have a Citi account? Have you contacted Citi? Is Citi reporting?


i have been in TX for over 6 not plan of moving back to they can't sue me here in TX, but if i were to move back to Cal, there is a chance that i could still be within SOL.....i did not know this...thanks for the info!!  Either way.....the account would still come off of my reports right?  


Yes, the account will be removed once past CRTP, whether it is beyond SOL or not. As for suing, when you are dealing with 2 seperate states, it gets tricky as to when they can/can't sue and where they can/can't sue. Midland has been suing a lot lately it seems, so I would think if it was or they believed it was within SOL they would sued already, but no promises there.


Capital 1 is another account that would have been paid off (problem is that this happened in 2002, someone else paid it off for i have no records,  but in 2002 i had all my CC taken care of so it would not make sense to not pay this one off too)


Cap One is still reporting a balance? Someone reported the other day that they had luck with a PFD, but I think it was a fluke. The person reading their offer was dizzy that day or something. They are about as bad as Midland. File a dispute under FCRA 623 with Cap One disputing the balance and requesting that they conduct an investigation under FCRA 623 and report the results back to you. Because you may or may not be beyond SOL, make sure you can PIF if they were to sue and you were to be within SOL.  


thanks so much for the help!!

these last 2 accounts seem to really be holding me back from getting credit and i really want to start building it back up and get some cards with some good lines!


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