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Re: Has anyone ever known Midland accepting a PFD?

thanks sidewinder....again...really appreciate it!


i always thought i was beyond SOL.....everyone i have asked says that i am with the dates i have.  how can i know for sure i am beyond SOL? Texas SOL is 4 years i think....Cal is 3 years...and both of these accounts are due to come off in 2010 if i go by what TU you have me worried:smileysurprised:


when you say you would deal with midland hard.....what would you do?  what actions would you take?  PFD letters if they come back and verify the account after i have sent them a DV letter certified?


had a citi account years ago & it's reporting as a positive on my account.

midland says they are collecting on another citi account - only midland is showing on my report for this, citi does not show up....i do not receive anything from citi


capital one is still reporting a balance.....with my dates i must be out of SOL.....i mean it's set to drop in 2010.

should i be worried about sending them a FCRA 623?


i have been disputing these accounts for about a year now.