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Re: Collection,Charge Off, Paid
I don't have the exact answer you're looking for, but I had a similar experience.
I turned in a lease 4 months early.  I received a bill after it was turned in as well as calls from GMAC stating my payment was past due.  I called the dealership (Saturn) and GMAC every day until it was fixed on my CRs.  The dealership dropped the ball, I found out, by not submitting the proper change of responsibility forms.  It was a PITA, but I was not about to let them throw me under the bus for their mistake.  (I guess I was lucky I caught it early and the phone calls from them started quickly.)  I also had some frustrations waiting for the car to be sold at an auction -- it seems that GMAC couldn't really close the 'deal' until it was out of their vault inventory.
However, I was aware that there was a possibility that I would incur some fees for wear and tear.  Could that possibly be what the 100 dollar charge was for?  In my case they eyeballed the car for an initial inspection, but the actual post-lease inspection took place a few days later.
Sorry to hear you had a problem - hope someone else chimes in with suggestions.
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