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PFD or DV? Help Please!
is an unpaid home phone bill considered a written contract or open account? I'll give the details from my TU cr.
IC Systems Collections is the collection agency
acct # xxxx4943
loan type: open acct
remarks: placed for collection
date placed for collection: 03/2003
balance: $146
date updated: 08/2003
original balance: $146
original creditor: Grand Telepone Company
Past Due: $0
pay status: collection acct
acct type: open acct
responsibility: individual acct
estimated date this item will be removed: 01/2009
Im wanting to PFD but do I send to OC or CA? The CA is the one reporting. Do I DV first of PFD first? In my state the SOL is either 3 or 5 years, depending on type of contract. Either way, isnt is past the SOL? Do I PFD the full amount or a settlement offer? I just want to make sure I do this correct. I know to send CMRRR. Please advise.
MANY THANKS in advance
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