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Re: Got summoned to court! Please help!!
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I was just wondering, what if we can settle for a lower amount and he pays it and everything, can we ask them to take it off his credit report? or will they not do that?  I've been reading a little about writing a PFD to get them to take it off but if we're already going to court over it does that mean it's too late to write one?
EDIT: Ok we went to the courthouse today to show them the summons and I thought they would set a court date but they wanted an answer from him, like does he deny or admit that he owes the money. He told the women that he admits he owes it, he just doesn't have the money right now to pay it. So, she said maybe he should call them and try to make an agreement or something before he gives his answer. Is that a good idea? This is all so confusing to me. And is he supposed to call the hospital or the collection people?

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