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Has Anybody dealt with NCS CA
Hi Everybody,
I recently joined this board in hopes of improving my credit situation and since spent a lot of time reading through various posts.
I have a situation and need your help. In Nov 2004 , I signed a lease for an appartment and lost my job around the same time and did not even move into the place. I had to move to a differnt place in pursue of job and the Apartment folks sent my lease to CA. I have to pay the lease cancellation fees even though I did not move in .
I never heard from CA until recently. In spirit if cleaning up my CR,  I sent them a PFD saying i would pay in full if they delete it. In response,  I got a letter from CA, saying :
" Client:xxxx
   Client Account Number:xxx
   Current Account Number: xxx
Enclosed you will find copies requested
if a balance is remaining on your account, you may send payment to NCS ,Inc.
Other wise you may contact our company immidiately. "
What should my next step be, should i send them a DV letter or send them a PFD again( the first time, i sent them the pFD letter through email, didnt think it was a bright idea, but wanted to get their first reaction)
Please advice. Thanks in advance for your help.
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