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Collection pops back up from ID theft
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I have a long history of ID theft from when I was 17, im 18 now.


A collection account from Accellerated Receivables for 247$ poppped up dropping my scores 100 points.



I am working on getting this removed, but they are closed for the night, I faxed EQ which is the only report its on so far, with my police report and info. 


I will contact the CA in the afternoon after work.


My fear, I have a prime credit card with Wells Fargo, My only Prim card and its fairly new, and its my baby.


I hope this doesnt trigger an AA, im so scared. 


and I have a brand new auto loan so im really scared lol. help! advice? anything




It appears after further investigation through google that they mainly focus on medical debt.


Any unpaid medical debt I have was before I turned 18 when i was 17, my dad was responsible for all the bills

I was not as I was a minor.


So they have to remove it from my reports, niiice, this will be easy. 

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