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Re: Debt Validation
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I'm new to this game, and after having pulled my CRs from the three agencies for the first time in my life I have quite a few things that should NOT be on my report. Some things I have no clue what they are, and some things I know what they are, but were taken care off and should have never seen the light of day on my credit report.

Let's say I use an example posted in this thread, and send these collection agencies a letter via Certified USPS mail. What is the point? I'm sure they have a account information on me. For example, one of my Collection accounts is $70 to HollyWood video. The collection agency has information forwarded to them from Hollywood video, and they can just simply "validate" the account with that information.

What do they have to "prove", and what do I do if I get no response from them. What threats can I really do, because certainly the average consumer doesn't bother filing small claims cases. Don't these guys typically "call your bluff?"

I have likewise questions about sending in Disputes to the 3 credit agencies. Using the Hollywood video account example from above. Let's say I send in the dispute, they contact the CA, and the CA forwards them the information they have. Won't that be counted as "proof"? How can I make anyone know that I returned that video to the store 3 years ago?

I guess I'm just confused about all the "laws" governing disputes and validations. Any good reading somewhere on them? I think my credit score could easily be 50pts higher if I cleaned up all the little nit-picky $50-$200 collection accounts that shouldn't be there.

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