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Re: Debt Validation
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Getting a collection deleted is always a win. Whether it comes about thru a letter or a raindance, the end result is the same. [BTW, I haven't tried a raindance so I have no idea whether it will or won't work.]

However, DVing is a more complex issue. A lot of JDBs and CAs refuse to validate claiming that you sent a form letter. Well, there's nothing in the statutes that says a CA doesn't need to validate if they believe the consumer is using a form letter or a CRO. They still are required to validate.

If they don't validate and persist in collection efforts, that's a violation. Their first written notice must contain certain things, and if not then that's another violation.

This sort of leverage is often necessary to get TLs deleted that ain't yours or to negotiate a PFD for TLs that are yours.

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