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Re: Too Many Cards

honeybrook1 wrote:
I have about 12 credit cards listed on my CR's, with about 9 of these currently open.  One of those cards is an WFNNB/Express Card, which was opened in 1995.  I've never really used it, it only has a CL of $300, and it's listed as inactive.  Would it be wise to have this account deleted (Express has no record of it), even though it's a postive TL?  My thinking is that this would be a good thing, since I have several cards that are older and decreasing the number of cards that I have would improve my score a bit. 
I sincerely appreciate any and all imput...thanks in advance!Smiley Happy

A 13 year old account is pretty good especially if it has no negative info on it. I say keep it.
If it's inactive, deleting it shouldn't have much of an affect. I think?
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