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Re: Collection pops back up from ID theft

You want to send it by certified mail, always and also fax it. With faxes, OC and CA can lie to say they didnt recieve it, but with certified mail - they have to sign for it and even they sign with a bogus name, it still your proof it was received at the OC/ or CA. Make photo copies of all letters your send them. And also do a FTC affidavit of forgery as this is the KEY item besides the police you need to help you in this case. This is what I did.


Make copies of :


Police Report ( Make copies and Black the 1st  five #'s of the ssn, XXX-XX- 1234), Don't touch the original copies of the police report. Only make changes to your photocopies that you will be faxing or sending.


Fill out the Affidavit of Forgery and keep the original, but make changes to the copies and black out the same 1st 5 #'s of the ssn.


Send them via certified mailed and return receipt ( green card), to the Original Creditors and Collection Agencies.  And also you need to make a fraud report and get a freeze on your credit report ( might free in your state( it varies) if your a fraud victim. You send in your police report, copies of your ID & SSN, also get a signed & stamped verification SSN letter from Social Security- ( this proves your SSN # is valid), this will show that you were a minor at the time of the fraud.


When you request a security freeze you will get a pin number and you can unlock it/lock it online. Don't share you PIN with no one not even you relatives, your parents, family, as you don't know if they did this to you as a minor. So since your at the legal age, always protect yourself.  My mother applied for a credit card when I was 14yrs old and when I got 18 yrs, I went thru your same situation. And have them deleted.


Send a copy of these items to the OC, CA, and all the 3 credit bureaus. Privy message me and will give you the DIRECT contacts who can escalate you to give these remove quickly. Good Luck.