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Re: Is this a good idea?

Michelle27 wrote:
Ok, i was approved for the BoA 99/500 card, well i have several collections and want to know if this is a good idea to do, here is what is all on my report:

$144 doc bill (old)
$189 comcast bill (new this year)
$138 att bill (new this year)
$357 doc bill due to fall off 12-2008
$886 Credit card due to fall of 1-2009
$854 cingular bill also due to fall off 1-2009

Ok i am thinking of using the $500 to PFD the
$144 doc bill,
$189 comcast bill,
and the $138 att bill,

Is this a good idea to do with the BoA 99/500? Any suggestions would help thanks

What is your SOL?    doc bill $144...what is old?      need DOFD/DOLA
Who is reporting the comcast bill...the OC or a CA?
att.  is this attorney or att phone?   who is reporting?