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Re: Weltman Weinberg Reis

LilMirth wrote:

Wait five days + 3 for mailing, for a dunning letter.


I am in the camp that believes that a CA does not have permissable purpose to place a hard INQ on your credit report. My camp likes to sue CAs who do. ;-) I'm also in the camp of using for leverage FDCPA violations to offset and delete a debt, or greatly reduce and delete a debt-- or to countersue a FDCPA violator would try to sue me.


Failure to send a dunning letter - $1000

Causing an inquiry that can be seen by others without permissable purpose - $1000

Getting a consumer attorney to file suit on your behalf, whereas they'll tack on ridiculously high fees... Priceless.

If these people are associated with Portfolio than I am really going to be unhappy.  Portfolio did a hard inquiry and so did two other CA's that fall under htem all within a few days of each other last year.  So ALL of my Inquiries on TU are from Portfolio.  I do not like the fact that they are doing HARD inquiries and will follow-up with them on this.  5 days +3 is ALL THEY ARE GETTING.

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