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Re: DV sent, no response yet

momof2 wrote:
stef37--- what do you mean by "OP"?
I am just really antsy b/c it is so close and I would really like to pay off my CC's with the money I have set aside for this CA in case they validate. However what they are reporting for the amount owed IS incorrect and only owe $1201 NOT $1708. But with the timing so close wouldnt they validate by now? for the amount of money you think that they would have validated by now.

OP is for Original Poster.
I'm calculating day 30 as being June 11. So 17 days in. It's hard to be patient at times, especially when you have other bills that need your attention. Right now I can only speculate what the CA is doing. I would like to say I was calm during the time I had DV's and all kinds of other request out, but it would be a lie. Take a deep breath. Smiley Happy