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Re: DOLA Question????

mrsanderson wrote:
Can a Credit Company Change the Date of Last Activity? This caused my score to Drop 74 pts!!! Can I dipute this? This is an acct Ive never applied for! GRHHHHHH so I guess during Investigation they want to freakin piss me off!

You disputed as "not mine". Did you get the drop once you disputed? If so, the account maybe helping you much more than it was hurting you. When you initiate a dispute with the CRAs, the account(s) you are disputing are not factored into your score. So, if this was you only account, well, it was really helping you. You wouldn't want it deleted. If you disputed other accounts at the same time, then one or more of those, maybe including this accounts, were helping you. If verified, and not deleted, your score will go back up.
If your investigation was just completed, and then your score dropped, then you score should have increased prior to now once you initiated the dispute. If this is the case, then this account and/or others are now hurting you. Unfortunately, disputing can cause accounts to update or appear as new, and some accounts may even update lates up to the month you disputed, assuming there is an outstanding balance.
If you really know it is not yours, I recommend filing a police report. Use the police report and send to the CRA disputing again as "not mine" and send CMRRR. That might get it off. But again, if you just disputed and the investigation is still ongoing, that account was helping more than hurting.