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Re: GW group!
My situation is this.  I am working so much- HONESTLY- that I just don't have a ton of time to dedicate to writing GW letters.  I know it's probably a good idea to rework them, but that will simply have to wait until I'm not working 14 hour days at 3 different jobs! (Good news, however, is that I officially  paid off my entire credit card debt...which has been hovering for 10 years...last month, so the extra work paid off!)
So do you guys think it would be ok for me just to make extra copies of the same letter over and over and over and send it every freakin' week?  Because I've got PLENTY of time to do that!  I have about 32 items to goodwill, so it just isn't realistic for me to write new letters every week.  Any thoughts?  And thanks for the feedback!
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