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Kohl's Success!!

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Had a very small amount due to Kohl's that got overlooked and went 30 days late about 2 weeks ago.  Paid immediately, but it had dropped my score about 40 + points. In addition to sending a GW letter to customer service, I searched out the name of the CEO and just guessed at his email address (tried a couple of combos until I got one that didn't get returned to me).  Didn't hear back from him directly, but received an email a couple of minutes ago stating that they are taking the steps to remove the delinquency from all 4 CRA's and that " Your account reflects as current with zero delinquencies" !!  In the email the cust. svc. rep specifically mentions the email forwarded to her (director of C.Serv) from the CEO, so it really pays to go directly to the top.

We are in the middle of house hunting and that one new hit was going to make a huge difference in the interest rate we could qualify for.  Now if only I can get one last medical issue to disappear...  working those HIPAA steps!

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this issue!  I am so excited!