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Re: PayDay Loans--Help!
This is from personal experience. Try & get these paid as soon as possible. Make sure if they accept a lower amount as payment in full, get it in writing. Let me tell u why, Back in December I took out a payday loan and they kept taking $99 my balance was going no where, well I closed my checking & opened a new one. Then they started with phone calls to my job every other day. They asked to speak with my supervisor, I told him they had nothing to do with this loan. They told me i was incorrect, it's called a payday loan for a reason. It's in the smallprint on that contract. They can garnish your wages if they get a judgement against you. In the end of March I got another phone call guess who, at work, the gentleman I spoke with told me I owed close to $600, I told him he was out of his mind. I only borrowed $350 I wasn't going to pay a penny more. He finally agreed to the $300 as pymt in full. I told him I would call on my next payday & pay by credit card. He continue to say if I paid that same day he would lower it to $200, I couldn't do it. I called back April 9th and got confirmation of my $300 + $5 fee payment. I thought it was done & over with. Boy, was I wrong. I get another call at work at the end of May that I still owed money, I said that was BS! I paid this in full. I later called in & spoke to a real **bleep** of a supervisor, excuse the word. I told him I had taken care of this already and gave him his employee's name, ext, & confirmation #. He said that wasn't possible. He really pissed me off and I told him to speak to his F****** employee 7 verify pymt. He told me that I should speak to the employee since I was the one who borrowed the money. Oh and he told me if I swore at him again I would regret it and asked to speak to my supervisor so I gave the call to my supervisor, he asked for my bosses name and hung up. We all thought at work he was going to write a letter complaing about my swearing but nothing never happened UNTIL July when it showed up on my credit report. I was fuming. To make a longer story short, it turns out that I still owed $50 and with interest it accrued to $320. The **bleep** who took my info no longer worked there so I could chew him a new. The collection agency said if I didn't pay it would get taken out of my paycheck and that it was allowed. I paid a settlement offer of $240. I then disputed with the CRA and back at tye beginning of October it was removed, THANK GOD! So be very careful deaking with these assholes.