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Re: PayDay Loans--Help!

Been done this deserate road myself - it isn't fun.


I got to be kinda friends with one of the clerks and asked her if there was anyway around renewing every 2 weeks at that time, but monthly at the end.  What she did for me was this - told me to go ahead and let my check go through, it cost an OD fee at the bank and of course they would add a fee.  At that time it goes into their internal collections wherein as long as I paid whatever her and I agreed upon every two weeks it would stay below their collection requirements radar and I paid it off as was and saved that interest.  Of course I was at the max (lod) and it would take 6-8 weeks to do this, but it saved my life. 


Plus, being kinda friends, she knew I had another one and once that one was paid, the greedy company (not my friend) was more than willing to reloan me money.  So we did it again, the same way and I was able to pay off the other one while controlling the interest. 


We're still friends outside the loan company today.  Might pay to become a little friendly and share your situation and see what might get offered.  It saved my bacon!!  :smileyhappy: